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Man's task is to become what he potentially is 

 We believe that education is about self-emancipation from unexamined opinions and inherited prejudices. Our pre-disciplinary curriculum is not ideological.  In an era of rampant disinformation and political polarization, we place special emphasis on fostering critical thinking, digital literacy, and media literacy. As an institute dedicated to genuine education, it is our imperative to equip young minds with the academic tools as well as the healthy intellectual habits to navigate the challenges of a 'post-truth' society.



Fostering  Academic Community

Attending classes on the campus of the University of British Columbia offers a unique advantage for high school students. Familiarize yourself with the campus, its resources, and the university culture, ensuring a seamless transition. Connect with university students, professors, and other scholars, expanding your academic network and gaining insights into the university experience.



Prioritzing Freedom of Inquiry 

We believe in academic freedom; our seminar classes are designed to showcase the compatibility & interdependence of the arts and the sciences. By fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding, and collaboration we hope to encourage a constructive dialogue. Our directed reading seminars not only nurture healthy academic habits but also instil the self-confidence and moral courage essential for navigating the challenges of university life.



Harvard College

"A gem mine of curated lessons that integrate many ways of thinking. The lessons were reinforced through an opportunity to revise drafts multiple times and receive extensive, deliberate, and concise feedback. The program has set me on a path of societal, cultural and political understanding that will help me to realize my scientific goals in a phronetic way."

* Hugo (Harvard College, Math & Physics Concentrator)

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